(Queer-)Feminist Workshopday
Background and Strategies of the Queerfeminist Strike

When: 4 May 2019
Where: Mädchen*Kulturhaus Bremen, Heinrichstraße 21

This year, on 8 March, there were a variety of actions worldwide within the framework of the “Women* Strike” which drew attention to the situation of care work, in which women and queers in particular are working unpaid or precariously. And it goes on – in 2020 the motto in Bremen will also be “When we go on strike, the world stands still…”. Who is this “we” at all and how this state can be struck are only some of the debates that the “women*strike” has raised. Therefore, on May 4, 2019, we want to discuss with you the background and strategies of the (queer-) feminist strike.

Therefore we offer the day over several workshops on topics like sexism, working conditions in the care sector, feminist economic criticism, sex work as well as a Wendo workshop. At the end there will be a panel discussion on the topic “Women* Strike” and afterwards a feminist pub for networking and further discussion.

More information about the Workshopday…

We are looking forward to seeing you!


„(Queer-)feminist strike!“ – Infos, discussions and movie on 8 March

On International Women’s Day*, 8 March, protests will take place worldwide against patriarchal gender relations and violence against women and queers*. They demand reproductive rights such as the right to sexual self-determination and abortion, the recognition of different ways of living and loving, and the abolition of gendered division of labour.

This year, women*strikes are declared in many places worldwide. It is intended to draw attention to the fact that the activities involving care, cleaning and support are mostly taken for granted and hardly considered strenuous work, as well as poor working conditions and little money. Whether in their own family or at paid work – it is mainly women and queers* who do this work.

At 3.45 pm, the demonstration of the city women’s conference starts at the goat market at Steintor. There will be a block of the Bremen Women’s* Strike Alliance. We will then invite you to the Infoladen! And even before this the doors are open for you…

What is taking place?

From 2 pm for WomenLesbenInterTrans* and Nonbinaries:

  • Food and drinks
  • Reading corner with newspapers and backgrounds on the women’s strike*
  • Comics
  • Film corner with documentaries on the women’s* strike (in German/English/Turkish)
  • Bookshop with cool children’s books
  • Making a reproduction working time measuring bar
  • at 5.30 p.m. „Speed-Dating“: exchange about the „women*strike“, own situation, political struggles and much more
  • From 7 pm for all gender:

  • Film „The women’s strike goes on“ (Poland 2018, labournet, Polish/English with English subtitles, 48 min) and afterwards discussion
  • A film about the struggle of educators in Polish Poznań for better working conditions and a living wage with interview excerpts by Silvia Federici about reproductive work in capitalism.

  • afterwards pub and feminist jukebox (bring your favourite track!)
  • An event of the alliance „Make feminism yourself“ in the series „It’s friday I‘m in Laden“.
    Place: Infoladen Bremen, St.-Pauli-Str. 12, 28203 Bremen
    The info shop is wheelchair accessible with a ramp, but the toilet is unfortunately not.